tcg vending machine

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Discover the power of our compact vending machine designed specifically for Trading Card Game (TCG) products, including Pokémon TCG. Take the next step towards effortless distribution and maximize your sales potential with our TCG vending solution. Experience the success of this innovative machine firsthand and apply for placement today.

Get acquainted with the TCG Tower

The TCG vending machine automatically facilitates the sale of booster packs without losses due to theft. Each of our TCG Towers offers a diverse range with four (4) holders for booster packs. Customers can easily make contactless payments through the built-in ONYX and coin insertion.

TCG-Vending effortlessly takes care of the placement, maintenance, and refilling of the machine with a constantly changing assortment. Sales and potential issues are closely monitored through online telemetry. All you need to do is designate a suitable location, and TCG-Vending takes care of the rest.

The location receives commissions based on the sold products through periodic payouts. Explore the simplicity of our TCG sales solution and maximize your income without worries.

TCG Tower in more detail:

The TCG Tower provides an ideal sales solution and eliminates losses due to theft. Existing sales points show an impressive decrease of 100% in inventory loss, with a simultaneous increase of 30-60% in sales!

The TCG Tower is custom-designed to optimally showcase booster packs of popular TCGs, including Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Disney: Lorcana, and others. The machine comes with four (4) standard holders for booster packs, expandable to a maximum of 12. Each holder can accommodate approximately 75 booster packs.

The integrated display showcases promotional videos of the products in the vending machine. Through the use of visuals and sound, customers are attracted and are more likely to make impulsive purchases.

Dankzij de ONYX-betaalmodule kunnen klanten op een veilige en betrouwbare manier contactloos betalen. De betaalmodule ondersteunt een breed scala aan toegankelijke betaalkaarten en methoden. Als aanvullende optie is een muntinvoer beschikbaar.

A comprehensive range of products!

TCG Vending has a close collaboration with reputable Trading Card Games and guarantees reliable deliveries.

Suitable locations:

The TCG Tower is extremely versatile and suitable for almost any (indoor) location with a high number of passersby.

Shopping mall

A diverse target audience is formed by individuals of all ages who are recurring passersby.

Swimming pool / Sports complex

From (school) gym, swimming, ice skating, etc., the youth is reached.

Theme park / Events

During an excursion, individuals are more likely to indulge in spontaneous purchases for their enjoyment.

Opinions about the TCG Tower

Others preceded you, and with great success!

We were searching for more entertainment at our location for a while. The TCG Tower is a true eye-catcher and a fantastic addition to our offerings.
The TCG Tower attracts more customers to our supermarket, increasing revenue. We don’t have to worry about the machine; TCG Vending takes care of maintenance and refilling.

Do you have an appropriate location and desire to boost your profits as well?

Do you have a location where Pokémon and/or other TCG would be a valuable addition? Or do you want to expand your customer base by capitalizing on the popularity of TCG? Don’t hesitate, and request a placement today!